Hit the trails, shoot some hoops, throw a party, work on your forehand, or score a goal. There are lots of ways to enjoy outdoor life at Daybreak. Daybreak's parks include 22 miles of trail system for both bikes and foot traffic, as well as sport courts, pavilions, ball fields and playground equipment.

All Daybreak parks are open from sunrise to sunset, every day.  For a map of park locations,
click here.  To reserve a pavilion in Bowery, Firmont or Founders Park, please visit the Daybreak Community Center.

Daybreak Parks & Amenities

Park Name Address Village Amenities Present
Boulder Park 10520 South Ojibwa Lane Eastlake Play Equipment
Bowery Park 10639 South Cave Run Lane Eastlake Play Equipment, Pavilion
Brookside Park   4863 W Fish Hook Road North Shore Play Equipment, Basketball, Volleyball, BBQ, Picnic Tables
Church Park 10258 Phoebe Lane North Shore Play Equipment, Basketball Court, Tennis Court, Fisbee Golf, Community Garden
Daybreak Promenade 4260 Lake Bridge Drive Eastlake Play Equipment, Bocce Ball Court
Eastlake Commons 4569 West Dorena Lane Eastlake Play Equipment, Skateable Art, Pool, Tennis Courts, Community Garden
Finch Park 4352 West Clarks Hill Drive North Shore Play Equipment
Firmont Park 4823 West Firmont Drive Founders Park Play Equipment, Pavilion, Basketball Court
Founders Park 11428 South Kestrel Rise Road Founders Park Play Equipment, Pavilion, Basketball Court, Volleyball Court, Splash Pad, Community Garden
Garden Corner 4181 West Blackshear Drive Eastlake Play Equipment
Orchard Park 4331 West Belleville Way Eastlake Play Equipment
Overlook Park 10749 South Fern Ridge Drive Eastlake
Peek-a-Boo Park 5006 West Calton Lane Founders Park Play Equipment
Secret Garden 4190 West Dardanelle Drive Eastlake
Silent Rain Park 4403 West Silent Rain Drive Founders Park Play Equipment
Sunflower Park 4688 West Lumina Drive Founders Park Community Garden, Play Equipment
Sunset Park 4370 West Cool Canyon Lane Eastlake Play Equipment
Trellis Park 10782 South Navarro Lane Eastlake Play Equipment
Vermillion Park 4421 West 10200 South North Shore Community Garden, Play Equipment
Willoughby Park 4481 West Willoughby Drive North Shore Play Equipment

South Jordan City Parks within Daybreak

Please note that parks not listed for reservation may not be reserved. Oquirrh Lake and its surrounding parks are the property of Daybreak's developer, Rio Tinto Kennecott Land, and may not be reserved for private use. Please respect other guests by abiding by all posted rules and regulations when using parks and amenities.

Callender Square 4526 West Harvest Moon Drive Founders Park
Hillside Park 4400 West Open Hill Drive Founders Park Play Equipment
Sunrise Mountain Park 11259 South Topview Road Eastlake
For information on City parks, or to reserve a City park, visit South Jordan City's website.