Daybreak Community Association - Committee's

Budget and Finance Committee
This committee will review the Financials, Contracts, Budgets and additional financial information and collectively provide recommendations to the Board of Directors.

Click here to view the Budget and Finance Committee Charter.

 Design Review Committee
This committee reviews all residential, exterior landscape and architectural modifications for approval and consists of both Developer and Resident appointed members.

Committee Members
Gary Langston, Chair
Jeff Farnum, Co-Chair
Jeff Haws
Melissa Meibos
Tom Jager
Lea Holliday
Greg Boudrero

Click here to view the Design Review Committee Charter.


Covenants Committee 
This committee is the hearing tribunal for the Board of Directors and consists of all resident members.

Committee Members

Tim Young, Chair
Eric Nelson, Co-Chair
Michael Czipka
Rachel Griffiths
Katie McReynolds
John Ostrowski
Tyson Brooks

Alternate Committee Members
Lorene Thompson

Click here to view the Covenants Committee Charter.